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Empowering Environmental Web Mapping and Reporting

EWS is an online environmental mapping tool that puts the power of GIS and automated reporting into the hands of scientists, environmental consultants, industry advisors, and municipalities, allowing them to efficiently interact with maps and data like they have never been able to before.

Our elegantly designed, modern solution to paper maps and inefficient, error-filled manual reporting is a web mapping and reporting tool that aggregates up-to-date environmental, energy, water and geological maps and datasets into a single platform that has the capability to synthesize this data into analytics-driven reports. Our current service areas are Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan and we will expand to other jurisdictions and areas of expertise as demand grows.

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The EWS Advantage
  • All the data that you need, in one place
  • Accurate, up-to-date
  • Cost and time effective
  • Preserves corporate memory
  • Automatically generated reports created by subject matter specialists that synthesize data into understandable text, tables and figures
  • Customizable to your specific needs and workflows


Access, manipulate and analyze data from multiple sources on one, easy-to-use web mapping tool.


  • Simple, intuitive navigation and usability
  • Save your searches and favorite layers for next time
  • Interact with your maps
    • Drawing tools
    • Filter, search and interact with your data
  • Hundreds of data layers, selected, sorted and styled
  • Coordinate capture, measurement and radius search tools
  • Export Searches
  • Easily access original references for reports
Cartesian Flow - A powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) available through your browser - No plugin required

Information Sources

  • Topographic Maps and Satellite Imagery
  • Grids & Administrative Boundaries
  • Climate
  • Geology
  • Groundwater (Hydrogeology)
  • Surface Water (Hydrology)
  • Geology
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Biology (wetlands, caribou, etc.)
  • Utilities

Please contact EWS to find out more.

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Environmental Background Report

EWS is excited to offer accurate, informative environmental background reports that present and synthesize a myriad of sources into easily understandable text summary, tables and figures, so environmental consultants, industry-leaders, and regulators managing contaminated sites and environmental issues can quickly understand the regional setting of a site in a cost-effective manner.

  • Accurate & Informative
  • Text, Tables and Figures
  • Meets ESA and Phase II regulatory requirements for Alberta
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Enviro Web Services (EWS)

Modern consultants need to streamline workflows, to not only preserve corporate memory but make it readily accessible, and to take full advantage of current data sources so that they can satisfy increasing demands for comprehensive answers to complex questions.

Enviro Web Services (EWS) arose from such a company in response to repeated client requests for access to the tools and datasets that have been developed and continually updated over the last five years.

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EWS users are granted access to query, view, export and print data from a variety of devices (e.g., computers, tablets and smart phones) without the need to load any GIS software. Moreover, EWS cloud-based, open source platform facilitates the rapid deployment of system upgrades and added features.

To learn more about EWS, or about the custom GIS-based consulting services that EWS offers, please contact us.