Environmental Background Report
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EWS is excited to offer accurate, informative environmental background reports that present and synthesize a myriad of sources into easily understandable two-page text summary, tables and figures, so environmental consultants, industry-leaders, and regulators managing contaminated sites and environmental issues can quickly understand the regional setting of a site in a cost-effective manner.

This cost-effective, report will save you time and ensure that you meet regulatory requirements so you can focus on interpretation and the next steps!

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  • Phase I and II environmental site assessments
  • Remediation and reclamation
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Environmental compliance reporting
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Use as a reporting reference or include in an appendix
  • Can be a signed and stamped by a professional geologist or engineer if needed, for an additional fee
  • Meets environmental site assessment and Phase II regulatory requirements for Alberta
  • Currently servicing Alberta and we will expand to other jurisdictions based on demand

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EWS users are granted access to query, view, export and print data from a variety of devices (e.g., computers, tablets and smart phones) without the need to load any GIS software. Moreover, EWS cloud-based, open source platform facilitates the rapid deployment of system upgrades and added features.

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