The Web Map
Enviro Web Services (EWS) has developed a simple user interface underpinned by complex architecture, leveraging modern open-source technologies.
WebMap Sample
Loaded with Thematic Data
Cultural and Infrastructure, Environment, Water, Energy, etc.
Cost- and time-effective
Replaces conventional desktop studies that took weeks and cost thousands of dollars to complete
Designed with a focus on speed and stability.
Easy to use
The power of a GIS for non-GIS professionals.
Available to answer questions wherever you are and whenever you have them.
Customized Display Styles
Multiple options for many datasets
Search, Select and Filter
Zoom to place names, Township/Range grids or coordinates.
Select by point, custom polygon or radius.
Filter or Search by attributes and value ranges.
Feature Creation and Storage
Use drawing tools to create, style and label your own features.
Features are stored with your user profile, along with extents and layer settings.
Coordinate Capture, Measurement
Get map coordinates in Lat/Long and UTM.
Measure distances and areas in metric units.
Choose from multiple display style options for many datasets
Search by place name, coordinates or DLS/NTS ID
Select by point, custom polygon or radius
Filter by attributes and value ranges, apply multiple filters
Use drawing tools to create and label your own features
Measure distances and areas in metric units

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EWS users are granted access to query, view, export and print data from a variety of devices (e.g., computers, tablets and smart phones) without the need to load any GIS software. Moreover, EWS cloud-based, open source platform facilitates the rapid deployment of system upgrades and added features.

To learn more about EWS, or about the custom GIS-based consulting services that EWS offers, please contact us.